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AAReST Payload CDR: Payload CDR (Caltech), Spacecraft Update (Surrey)

AAReST January 2017 Review : Payload (Caltech), CoreSat (Caltech), Spacecraft Update (Surrey), MirrorSat 3D CAD (Surrey)

AAReST September 2017 Review : Payload (Caltech), CoreSat (Caltech), Spacecraft Update (Surrey)

AAReST Structural Redesign – September 2018



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Professor Pellegrino's Lecture:
Building Space Telescopes (pdf)

Thermal Anaysis Methods and Validation for Small Spacecraft:
Literature Survey (pdf) Presentation (pdf)

Deformable Mirror Publications:
Steeves, J., Laslandes, M., Pellegrino, S., Redding, D., Bradford, S. C., Wallace, J. K., Barbee, T. (2014) Design, fabrication and testing of active carbon shell mirrors for space telescope applications. (pdf)

Laslandes, M., Pellegrino, S., Steeves, J., Patterson, K. (2014) Optimization of electrode configuration in surface-parallel actuated deformable mirrors. (pdf)

Steeves, J. and Pellegrino, S. (2013). Ultra-thin highly deformable composite mirrors. (pdf)

Patterson, K., Yamamoto, N., Pellegrino, S. (2012) Thin deformable mirrors for a reconfigurable space telescope. (pdf)

Patterson, K. Pellegrino, S. (2011) Shape Correction of Thin Mirrors. (pdf)

Patterson, K., Pellegrino, S., Breckinridge, J., (2010) Shape correction of thin mirrors in a reconfigurable modular space telescope. (pdf)

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