Universal Laser Systems Inc. Model: XLS10

Laser material processing solutions from cutting to engraving of various materials (carbon fiber, metal, plastic ...). This model equipped with three lasers of different wavelengths can cut through carbon fiber material. It also has a computer controlled rotating jig option to cut/engrave 3D tubular parts.

ASC Autoclave.jpg

ASC Autoclave

Composite Curing Autoclave EC3X6 (3 feet in diameter and 6 feet long curing chamber) by ASC Autoclaves used for composite bonding in the Aerospace The ASC composite autoclave utilizes an advanced control systems called CPC to control the temperature, pressure, vacuum, and cure times based on engineered cure recipes and reading gathered from the sensors that are attached directly to the aerospace composite parts and tools during a cure cycle.

These sensors include fixed air and part thermocouples to monitor the temperature on the part and ambient air temperatures in the autoclave, vacuum transducers to monitor vacuum being applied to the part, and much more.


Polytec PSV-500 Scanning Vibrometer

Full-field optical vibration measurement flexible full-field vibration measurement in 3-D non-contact laser vibration measurement Full-field measurement with high spatial resolution Precise 3D vibration measurement of the system of vibrational velocities of 0.01 µm/s to 30 m/s.