Clean Room Procedures: Firestone 016


Recommended Pre-Entry:

1.      On day of intended cleanroom entry make sure you have bathed/showered and are wearing clean clothes.
The use of make-up, hair gel, body lotions, and other personal skin care products should be kept to aminimum.
Users must not smoke within 45 minutes of use of the cleanroom.
Plan out work prior to entry to minimize traffic entering and exiting cleanroom.
Prior to entering gowning area, remove extraneous clothing such as loose jackets, hats/toques, and   sunglasses,   which are not easily covered by cleanroom attire.


1.      Step several times on Tacky Mat outside cleanroom door, then enter gowning area.
Remove watches, rings, other jewelry before gowning.
Dress in the following order:

·         Booties
Beard net and/or Facemask
Overboots will not be used (these are for sterile environments)

4.      Step on second Tacky Mat before entering clean area.


1.  Remove Coveralls and hang them up.
2.  Remove hood and store in cubby.
3.  Remove disposable hair net, beard net, facemask and gloves and place in trashcan.
4.  Wear disposable booties out of gowning area and dispose of them outside of cleanroom.

Bringing Items Into the cleanroom:

•   Any item brought into the cleanroom must be thoroughly wiped down with a cleanroom wipe and solution.
    (These are provided)
•   Toolboxes should not be brought in.
•   Parts to be assembled should be removed from any packaging made of wood, cardboard or paper.
•   Plastic bags can be used to carry cleaned items into cleanroom.
•   Cleanroom paper and pens will be provided.

Restricted Activities

•   Shouting, excessive talking
•   Running or fast movements
•   Touching, rubbing, or scratching hair, skin, eyes while in the cleanroom
•   Removal of cleanroom apparel while inside cleanroom
•   Eating, chewing gum, cough drops, breath mints, etc.
•   Use of duct tape
•   Re-using booties, facemask, hairnets or gloves
•   Wearing shorts, tank tops, hats, dangling jewelry
•   Removing articles from underneath cleanroom apparel
•   Sanding, drilling, sawing, filing and welding

Items generally considered incompatible in a cleanroom environment:

•   Wood pulp-based paper products, including: regular paper, tissues, Kimwipes®, cardboard, books, magazines,
     lab notebooks.
•   Styrofoam products.
•   Any powders.
•   Erasers, pencils, clickable pens, felt-tipped pens other than Sharpies.
•   Anything that can easily tear, shred or efflux particles.


In the event of a fire alarm, leave equipment as it is and immediately vacate the
cleanroom, disregarding usual de-gowning procedure.


This document is based on instructions provided by Fisher Scientific. Click HERE to read.