Pellegrino Symposium: Cambridge University


Sunday 23 June 2019: 17.00 – 18.30

Drinks Reception

Corpus Christi College Old Court Lawn

(New Combination Room If Wet)

Ask for directions at the Porters’ Lodge entrance: sparkling wine, soft drinks and snacks; companions and family welcome

Monday 24 June 2019

09.00: Registration (Ms Karen Mitchell), Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED) Reception

09.20: Opening Remarks, CUED Lecture Theatre Six (LT6): Keith Seffen

09.30: Presentations (LT6)

10.30: Tea & Coffee

11.00: Presentations (LT6)

12.30: Buffet Lunch (Inglis Mezzanine Floor)

13.30: Presentations (LT6)

15.30: Tea & Coffee

15.45: Presentations (LT6)

17.45: Closing Remarks (LT6), Sergio Pellegrino

18.30: Parker Library, Corpus Christi College

Exhibition: Natural Sciences on and off the Page

19.00: Drinks Reception, Old Combination Room, Corpus Christi College

19.30: Dinner, Hall, Corpus Christi College

Dress code: strictly smart casual

Presentation Schedule

09.30: Simon Guest, Zero Stiffness Structures

10.00: Weimin Huang, Shape Memory for Comfort Fitting

11.00: Paul Ong, Flexible Pipeline Installation of Champion Waterflood

11.30: Frank Jensen, On Becoming a Third Generation Owner-Manager

12.00: Matthew Santer, Deployable Aero-decelerators for Martian EDL

13.30: Zhong You, Structures Inspired by Origami

14.00: Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, Pattern Formation in Elastic Bilayer Systems Through Substrate Pre-stretching

14.30: Xiaowei Deng, High Performance Computing of Large-Scale Wind Turbine Systems

15.00: Federico Bosi, Viscoelasticplastic Modelling of Soft Membranes for Stratospheric Balloons

15.45: Miguel Bessa, Machine Learning in Metamaterial Design: Fragile Becomes Super Compressible

16.15: Yang Li, Design of Multistable Structures

16.45: Tyge Schioler, Efficient Dynamic Modelling Using Low-Wavefront Guyan Reduction

17.15: Keith Seffen, Tape-springs: Back to the Future

17.45: Sergio Pellegrino, Closing Remarks